Fitts and Willams are out

September 13, 2016

Cameron, Ryan, and Scott give you their thoughts on the breaking news with Kylie Fitts and Joe Williams out as well as the return of Cory Butler Byrd,


6 in a row

September 13, 2016

Utah gets the big win over the team down south even with committing 6 turnovers. Cameron, Ryan, and Scott give you their thoughts on the game as well as look forward to San Jose State.


This season’s break out players

August 30, 2016

The football season is just around the corner. Cameron,Ryan, and Scott break down the starting roster for the opening game against Southern Utah University as well as give you their breakout players to look out for this coming year.


Interviews with Repp and Whittingham

August 20, 2016

Camp Kyle has finally ended and the season is just around the corner. We have the latest news and analyst straight from head coach Whittingham as well as a personal interview with wide receiver Caleb Repp. 


Interviews Joe Williams and Kyle Whittingham

August 13, 2016

Second week of Camp Kyle is in the books. We have the latest news and updates from head coach Kyle Whittingham. Whitt breakdowns the Quarterback spot as well as an updated progress report on the new starting line up for the offensive line. 

Cameron also goes 1x1 with starting running back Joe Williams.

Butler-Byrd Details Released

August 9, 2016

Salt Lake Tribunereporter Kyle Goon released an article titled "Utahfootball: Cory Butler-Byrd charged with damaging police car, building".Since the release of the article there has been hundreds of messages on socialmedia ranging from support for Butler-Byrd to total dismissal from the program.If we learned anything from the Hatfield situation, people should not be so inclinedto rush to judgment. I hope to shed some light on the situation and aid inputting an end to all the wild accusations.


The facts we havelearned after researching police reports and legal documentation from the stateof Utah:


According to policereports, Cory Butler-Byrd was involved in an incident where police property wasdamaged on July 27, 2016.  An object wasthrown through a window due to frustration over a separate personal matter notinvolving the police. At this time we will do not see it necessary to release additionalinformation on the personal matter out of respect for those involved. Thereport states that Butler-Byrd was unaware that the property damaged was thatof the University Police Department. The notion that this incident was somehowrelated to police protests is not mentioned in the police report. The policeconducted two interviews with Butler-Byrd; on the 27th and two days after. Thematters of “Black Lives Matter” and police brutality were never discussed orexplored.


Since the incident, Butler-Byrdhas retained counsel with Utah Attorney Greg Skordas. According to our sourcesa plea deal has been discussed with the District Attorney and terms of the dealhave been finalized. Butler-Byrd is scheduled to appear in a Salt Lake City courtroom on August 15, 2016. After that initial court appearance the plea dealwill be presented to the Judge to finalize.     

Interviews Tevi, Williams, and Whitt

August 6, 2016

The first week of CampKyle is in the books and we have a few great interviews for you. Starting tackle Sam Tevi, JC transfer Quarterback Troy Williams, and head coach Kyle Whittingham. We ask all three of their thoughts on the week of camp, changes on the Offensive Line, and how the Wide Receivers are coming along.   


Utah Utes Football is Back

July 29, 2016

Fall camp is just around the corner, who can't wait for football to start? Cameron, Ryan, and Scott get you up to date with the most recent Utah news from roster moves, PAC 12 media days, and fall camp expectations.


Utah’s cost to buyout BYU in football

July 12, 2016

In the words of Dr. Evil “1 million dollars”.

That would be the price tag for each football game that Utah cancels with independent Brigham Young University(BYU). As a result of our GRAMA open records request with the state of Utah, we at the Utah Man Podcast have researched each football contract between the two schools. The contracts include five games with the home team alternating each season. The canceling of any game would require a 1 million dollar payment to the other university. This would mean that for Utah or BYU to cancel all of the scheduled games, it would cost 5 million dollars. The game in Salt Lake City in this up and coming season may be too close to cancel and find a replacement.Logistically the other four games could be canceled with time to find new teams to add to the schedule.

                Is it worth it? You cannot put a price tag on messing with another fan base. Remember the meltdown on social media such as Twitter and the Salt Lake City media had when one basketball game was called off with an $80,000 payment. Can you imagine what four or more football games would look like? The Utah legislators would need to hire more employees to perform their unethical audits.

With Utah being a PAC12 program playing schools such as USC, UCLA, and Oregon year after year, Utah does not need BYU in order to add a quality team to their schedule. Is that enough of a reason to call off games that are on the books with a pretty large buy out? Not only would Utah have to pay BYU 4 million dollars according to the scheduling contracts, but Utah would lose out on $250,000.00 for each trip to Provo. True- when talking Power 5 Conference money $250,000.00 is chump change, however,with the recent success of non-revenue sports, the price of those programs will continue to increase in order to maintain the level of success, including upgrading facilities and pay raises for coaching staffs. 

Even though 4 or 5 million dollars may seem worth it to rub in your rival fan base’s face that your team is bigger and better, at this point in time it would not make financial sense to cancel any games with such a large buyout agreement. In two or three years maybe it will be different.

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Utes Big Time Spring

July 7, 2016

Utes are having a big time spring, well that’s what fans are thinking. The biggest surprise has been QB Brandon Cox. With this being the first time he has been healthy in a few years, Cox is not disappointing Ute fans. Cameron, Ryan, and Scott break down spring football from the Quarterback battle to who could be a sleeper on defense that not a lot of people are talking about. The guys also get you caught up with all the Ute news from Baseball Stadiums to satellite camps.